Agnumens® Drops

Monk’s pepper (Vitex agnus-castus L.) belongs to the verbena family (Verbenaceae). Monk’s pepper has already been used for female disorders since ancient times. It can positively contribute to female well-being. Furthermore, it supports the female hormones and the cycle. Agnumens® drops are used to mitigate menstrual complaints. Agnumens® drops contain a watery/alcoholic extract from monk’s pepper fruits. Alcohol content: 66 % vol.

  • Support female well-being
  • Alleviate menstrual cramps and cycle complaints
  • Positive effects on hormonal imbalance
  • Alleviate fluid retention

Arthroplus® Capsules

Our Arthroplus® capsules contain glucosamine, chondroitin, vitamin E, selenium and vitamin D. Chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine sulfate, two endogenous natural molecules, contribute to returning the synovial fluid in the joints and joint cartilage to their normal state as well as repairing damaged cartilage. In combination, they ensure function and mobility. Numerous studies have found that these two compounds do not only have decongestant and pain-relieving effects on joint problems but they also have the ability to regenerate already damaged cartilage and tendons. Glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate are well absorbed and built into the damaged cartilage. The combination with vitamins E and D as well as selenium adds to the positive effect. However, in order to improve the complaints, a consequent and long-term intake over a couple of weeks is pivotal.

  • Promote pain relief for joint problems
  • Increase mobility
  • Improve joint function
  • Suitable for wear and tear of the joints

Kilonit® Drops

KiloNit® drops contain a combination of bladder wrack, birch leaves, stinging nettle, rosehip fruit, and condurango bark extracts. Every component of the drops has a special and supporting property for weight reduction. Bladder wrack increases base calorie consumption, thus burning excess calories. The birch leave extract enhances excretion of histoid-water. The stinging nettle extract stimulates the metabolism, thus freeing the tissue from metabolic slags. Rosehip fruit and condurango bark extracts complete this combination with their flavor enhancing, and appetite dampening properties. The entirety of these extracts enhances metabolic activity and increases excretion.

  • Stimulate metabolism
  • Increase the basal metabolic rate
  • As a support for weight reduction
  • Increase well-being

Nut-Med® Nutmeg Oil Spray

The nutmeg tree is a tree from the nutmeg family and originates from Indonesia. The nut contains mainly essential and fatty oil. Nutmeg oil has been used since centuries for skincare and protection as well as external use for joint complaints. The menthol contained in our nutmeg oil spray has cooling, itching and pain-relieving properties and therefore can be used for sports injuries and joint and muscle pain amongst other things. Due to the contained methyl salicylate the circulation is stimulated and thereby the ingredients can enter the skin particularly well. This is where Nut-Med® unfolds its anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects.

  • Ensures a healthy skin appearance
  • Supports the circulation
  • For joint and muscle pain

Sleepwell® Capsules

Sleepwell® Capsules are a nutritional supplement with 5 mg melatonin. Melatonin is a natural occurring endogenous hormone, which is produced by the pineal gland in the brain and has an important role for regulating the sleep-wake-cycle. With the onset of darkness, the body increases the production of the sleep-promoting hormone, it becomes attuned to sleep. Too much daylight and artificial light from electronic devices or streetlights as well as long-haul flights can delay the release of the sleep hormone, make it difficult to fall asleep, shorten the time of sleep or lead to jet lag. An additional supply of melatonin can help normalize the day-night-cycle, alleviate jetlag and shorten the time to fall asleep.

  • Regulate the sleep-wake-cycle and the body temperature
  • Alleviate subjective jetlag perceptions
  • Shorten the time to fall asleep
  • Support the treatment of jetlag
  • Improve sleep quality

Bonsal® Assortment

Vitality means vital strength. Due to the exposure to daily physical and mental stresses, this strength can sometimes fade. Thanks to the extensive range of nutrients and vital substances, nutritional supplements can help to regain strength. In order to give you and your life new vitality, we at Gall Pharma Austria have created the Bonsal® products. Under this brand you will find various tonics that help counteract mental fatigue and at the same time strengthen the body. These preparations mainly prevent the occurrence of diseases instead of curing them. The tasty tonics are made from valuable plant extracts and micronutrients that allow your vitality to flow again. In addition to the liquid tonics, you will also find the concentrated power of vitality of our Bonsal® range in capsule form. Stay healthy and vital with Bonsal®.

  • Provide more vitality
  • Provide energy
  • Increase concentration
  • Strengthen certain organs
  • Invigorate the body's defenses

N-A-G®450 mg Capsules

N-A-G® 450 mg capsules contain natural N-acetyl-glucosamine in the form of the nutrient HyaluroglucoTM and support the health of the skin. In addition, the capsules can contribute to the reduction of hyperpigmentation and cornification disorders. The way this happens is explained by the fact that N-acetyl-glucosamine is the direct precursor of hyaluronic acid. As a component of the skin it is responsible for water storage and pressure resistance which gives them more elasticity. N-A-G® 400 mg capsules are especially suitable for Oral Skin Care for dry, flaky and rough skin. HyaluroglucoTM is derived from chitin, which comes from shrimps and shellfish. The raw material is cleaned and therefore free of tropomysin, which is responsible for the allergic reaction to shellfish.

  • Increase skin firmness and elasticity
  • Improve the moisture content of the skin
  • Ensure for a radiant skin texture
  • Support a taut connective tissue

Lysiherp® Capsules

Lysiherp® capsules reduce the spread of herpes viruses as well as the frequency, length and symptoms of fever blisters. Lip herpes is a viral infection which is caused by the herpes simplex virus. Especially in the event of a weakened immune system, blisters may appear. Zinc, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12 contribute to a normally functioning immune system and can reduce the spread of blisters by strengthening the body's defenses. Lysiherp® capsules additionally contain the amino acid L-lysine, which has a positive effect on wound healing and facilitates the healing of fever blisters. What rounds off the nutrient combination is melissa leave extract. The rosmarinic acid, which is contained in melissa, ought to prevent the adherence to and penetration of the viruses into the cells.

  • Support the treatment of herpes infections
  • Extend herpes-free intervals
  • Promote quick healing of already existing fever blisters

OSP22® Assortment

OSP stands for Orthomolecular Sports Prevention. The OSP22® nutritional supplements and sports cosmetics combine ancient knowledge of herbs, spices and plants with the latest scientific medical knowledge. In times when a lot of people perform their jobs at a desk, exercise is becoming more and more important as a counterbalance. Various studies show that exercise is as effective as a high-dose medicine. It prevents diseases and even helps to cure some. We want to support this process through the specific, effective use of natural nutrients (such as vitamins, minerals and trace elements) as well as high-quality sports cosmetics. The complex ingredients have been developed in cooperation with physicians, biologists, preventologists and pharmacists and are well absorbed by the body. ll OSP22® products are characterized by very carefully selected high-quality raw materials and can be combined with each other as desired, so you can support your mobility from the inside with our capsules and at the same time from the outside with our lotions and gels.

  • Support physical and mental fitness
  • Promote general well-being
  • Provide energy
  • Increase vitality

Reduzym® Capsules

Reduzym® capsules contain the valuable plant substances of pineapple, mango and papaya. These exotic fruits are considered real vitamin and mineral donors. They are especially rich in important enzymes and antioxidants. The valuable ingredients of the fruits strengthen the immune system, activate the metabolism and complement each other to form a natural digestive aid, as they support the intestinal activity. It is therefore not surprising that the combination of these three tropical fruits is also often used in the so-called Hollywood diet. As a dietary supplement, Reduzym® capsules are particularly suitable for people who are sedentary, travelling, overweight and for weight control. The beta-carotin contained in the fruits can help scavenge cell-damaging free radicals and support cell renewal.

  • Usefully support diets
  • Serve as a natural digestive aid
  • Ensure for a strong immune system
  • Supply important nutrients

Gluti-Agil® Capsules

Gluti-Agil® capsules contain 400 mg of the amino acid L-glutamic acid, which serves as the source substance for the formation of various amino acids. In its structure it is closely related to L-glutamine, they can be converted into each other. Both are a precursor of glutamate, a neurotransmitter which is important for the transmission of sensory perceptions, for motion control as well as learning and memory performance. It can be produced within the human body in small amounts if needed but the larger amount is obtained from food. The need for glutamine significantly increases in case of high physical strain such as competitive sports, hard work or illness. Therefore, a nutritional supplement with glutamic acid is beneficial.

  • Promote learning and memory performance
  • Support a balanced acid-base homeostasis
  • Protect cells from oxidative stress

Valpetrin® Capsules & Valpetrin® Tonic

We spend a good third of our lives asleep. If we have slept well, we feel it the next morning. The body feels fresh and the good mood makes it easy to start the day. Good sleep is an important pillar of mental and physical well-being. Permanent sleep deprivation, on the other hand, inevitably leads to serious physical and mental problems. Valpetrin®Capsules and Valpetrin® S Tonic contain a combination of valerian tincture, hop extract and lemon balm extract, which can be used to treat nervous sleep disorders and restlessness. The physiological sleep rhythm should remain unaffected. This herbal drink is an optimal alternative to other sleep-promoting drugs with addictive potential.

  • Ensure restful sleep in a natural way
  • Help to balance mental and physical imbalances
  • Ensure more calmness, relaxation and balance
  • Reduce sleep disturbances and restlessness

Jocapsan® St. John's wort oil Capsules

Everyone goes through phases in life when they are in a bad mood. The grey of winter, frustration at work or relationship stress can be the triggers. It is a part of life that sometimes courage and energy are lacking. The bad mood temporarily gains the upper hand. Jocapsan® capsules are a nutritional supplement with the valuable St. John’s wort oil, which has been proven to improve the state of mind in cases of nervous stress and bad moods. The petals of St. John's wort contain fine glands filled with essential oils. The oil of St. John's wort contains the enzymes hypericin and hyperforin, which are also responsible for the plant's mood-lifting effect. St. John's wort can help to balance out stress, overstrain and nervousness. St. John's wort oil is obtained on the basis of maize germ oil with rapeseed oil.

  • Help through mood lows
  • Support with listlessness
  • Alleviate anxiety states

Biolavan® Capsules

Biolavan® capsules contain the precious extract of the common horsetail. The common horsetail is also known as mare’s tail and a classical fern. It belongs to the small group of plant relics remaining from the glacial period. The plant contains numerous ingredients that have been renowned in medical practices and naturopathy for centuries. The main ingredients responsible for the plant’s health-promoting properties are silicic acid, other minerals like potassium as well as some essential oils. In phytomedicine, the common horsetail is mainly used in cases of connective tissue weakness and gastro-intestinal complaints, but it is also supposed to positively influence brittle nails and hair. Additionally, the plant enables the absorption of sodium and magnesium in the body.

  • Support a healthy skin metabolism
  • Have antiphlogistic properties
  • Strengthen the tissue

Lentaya® Capsules

Lentaya® capsules contain the valuable extract from the rose root combined with magnesium and vitamin B1. The rose (Rhodiola Rosea) belongs to the stonecrop family and originates in the mountain regions of North America, Europe and Asia. Not only is the plant considered to be extremely resilient, but it also manages to promote the resilience of humans. It can support us in challenging, stressful situations and at the same time reduce the mental and physical symptoms of stress. Magnesium and vitamin B1 additionally strengthen the positive influence of rose root on our nervous system and serve as an energy supplier for the body.

  • Increase the mental agility
  • Promote attention
  • Calm and strengthen the nerves
  • Support in stressful situations

Tavonin® Inner Balance Capsules

Tavonin® Inner Balance is a nutritional supplement for improving the mental fitness. The contained extract of the rose root can support us in challenging, stressful situations and at the same time reduce the mental and physical symptoms of stress. The plant also contains valuable antioxidants which protect our cells from oxidative stress. The ingredient l-glutamine has a positive effect on memory and concentration performance. The combination product is supplemented with numerous B vitamins, vitamin C, zinc, selenium, inositol and 5-HTP. The latter plays an essential role in the production of the "happiness hormone" serotonin. An increase in serotonin levels has a positive influence on our state of mind and contributes to a reduction in negative stress.

  • Support mental fitness
  • Increase concentration
  • Promote attention
  • Relax the state of mind