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Gall Pharma Austria specializes in the production of nutritional supplements and care products. Our company is located in Judenburg, in the middle of green Styria. All across Austria we supply pharmaceutical wholesalers, pharmacies, drugstores and selected retail stores with our products. A part of our range is also sold by partners in various EU-countries.

Our company has been one of the leading experts in health literacy and nutritional supplements for more than 40 years. With over 1000 different recipes, we offer a variety of products that make us the largest supplier of nutritional supplements in Europe. In addition to dietary supplements, we also produce unique dietetic foods, medical products, and cosmetics. Our many years of experience are evidently reflected in the quality of our products. We exclusively work together with reputable raw-material manufactories and rely on gentle manufacturing processes.

The Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (short HACCP) concept guarantees that hygiene standards in our company are adhered to at the highest level. Our team that consists of micronutrient experts, apothecaries, pharmacists, and nutritionists always make an effort to provide you with nutrient preparations in the ideal composition and dosage with maximum tolerance and optimal bioavailability.

Things work better in a team

For many years, we and our highly dedicated team have been focused on the technology and manufacture of top-quality nutritional supplements.

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The founder and eponym of Gall Pharma Austria, Mag. Pharm. Dieter Gall, inherited his naturopathic knowledge and pharmaceutical expertise. His great uncle Mag. pharm. Rudolf Gall ran the famous, centuries old Löwenapotheke in Gablonz (now Jablonec) in Bohemia and his father, Mag. pharm. Felix Gall, founded the Stadtapotheke in Judenburg in 1969 and managed it for decades.

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There is nothing that doesn´t exist

In contrast to large pharmaceutical manufacturers, we also produce supplements in small quantities and realize individual special requests for our customers.

Our Philosophy

Why Nutritional Supplements?

Those who eat a balanced and varied diet get all the nutrients that the body needs. However, under certain circumstances, it is advisable to ingest nutritional supplements to compensate for deficiencies and to prevent certain diseases.

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Our company has introduced a quality management system (QMS) to assure the quality of the products we distribute. We, as the manufacturer of Food supplements and cosmetics, have a major interest in ensuring the safety and quality of our products.

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