Corporate Design

Products tailored to your appearance.

The nutritional supplement market is in great demand and hotly contested. Due to the oversupply of products, it is therefore particularly important to stand out from the crowd with high-quality and aesthetic packaging. With a standardized concept, we offer you the opportunity to put your own designs for product labels and product packaging together by selecting the shape and color and integrating your wishes.

Most likely, you already have a logo or color that represents your pharmacy. Send us your graphic templates in printable quality and our graphics department will create the first draft for your individual label. Of course, we also offer you the option of having your own design for your pharmacy at particularly affordable prices. Here we fall back on an established network of creative people.

In addition to the label design of your own products, the packaging design is of great importance as well. From our standard range we can offer you cans in different colors - brown (PET and glass, transparent), blue (PET, transparent), green (PET, transparent) and white (PET, opaque). Other colors are possible on request. Of course, we also provide you with different colors for the lid of your packaging. This gives you the opportunity to put together your preferred color combination yourself. As one of the few companies, we have a pad printing machine in the clean room area. This gives us the option of printing the lids in one or two colors without interrupting the certified pharmaceutical quality production process.

We offer you the opportunity to enhance the sustainable perception of your pharmacy among your customers through the additional individual design of the lid. In this way, you create an even greater presence outside of the pharmacy, e.g. at the customer's home. Give your dietary supplements even more traction with your individual design, stand out from the competition and secure your market success. In an age of increasing competition - these products are only available in your store.