Our pharmacists at Gall Pharma Austria are not only active in product development, but they are also still regularly behind the tare as pharmacists and take care of customer requests. This is how we know very well that behind every symptom, behind every problem, there is a patient who is suffering from it and who hopes that we can offer a solution. We at Gall Pharma Austria made it our task to solve these problems. The classical pharmaceutical industry usually concentrates on one product segment, which is then heavily advertised in order to generate the highest possible selling number of these items.

In contrast to large pharmaceutical manufacturers, we also produce supplements in small quantities and realize individual special requests for our customers. True to the motto: “There is nothing that doesn’t exist”. Because the "patient" may need that one special “active ingredient" of which only five doses are sold in a year. Since we still produce a lot using manual machines, we are exactly the ones who can offer that too. We are not concerned about the profit, but about the people who are always the focus of our daily thinking and actions. Profit is necessary and important so that a business can run successfully, but profit is not everything. As a pharmacist, you should still maintain a different perspective. Gall Pharma Austria is a family-run company. There are no obligations to investors, so we can make decisions according to our conceptions.