Our company has introduced a quality management system (QMS) to assure the quality of the products we distribute. We, as the manufacturer of suüpplements and cosmetics, have a major interest in ensuring the safety and quality of our products. As a consequence, we have developed an HACCP concept (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) for our production plant GPH Produktions GmbH, which has been certified since 2007. In addition, GPH Produktions GmbH holds GDP certification (Good Distribution Practice). Warehousing and distribution centers of pharmaceutical products must meet the demands of customers in special ways. This is why the quality management system of Gall Pharma GmbH works according to the principles of Good Distribution Practice (GDP), certified since 2009.


Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points

HACCP is a quality-assurance tool that was conceived for the production and handling of food products. It serves the production of safe foods across the entire lifecycle. It is clearly structured and oriented towards preventive measures. The concept is intended to avoid dangers associated with food products that might otherwise lead to the sickness or harming of consumers. Rather than merely limiting damage, the goal is squarely on prevention!


Good Distribution Practice

Companies that bring pharmaceuticals to market must abide by the Good Distribution Practice, according to the guidelines established in 2013. Good Distribution Practice (GDP) encompasses the totality of control measures throughout the distribution chain which assure the quality and integrity of pharmaceutical products.